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It’s been quite some time since the new version of Google Analytics was launched and it has already received its fair share of good as well as bad reviews. Any new tool or software when launched in the market is often scrutinized and criticized for the smallest of its bugs,  even if it’s a free one like our very own Google Analytics. We will be writing a series of posts wherein we will be highlighting the bugs (which we hope will soon be resolved) in the latest version.

One of the drawbacks of the old interface was the limitation of the amount of data that could be exported from Google Analytics. Whether we are exporting the number of keywords that sent visits to our website or the number of top landing pages in the website or any other metric the maximum data that we could export was restricted to 500. One of the most popular tricks which was widely used was to append &limit=(number<=50000) at the end of the URL. We could then export the results in csv format and have the specified number of data.

New Google Analytics Dashboard - Error

Google Analytics

However the latest interface does not allow this work around when we append the URL and we get the following error –

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Conclusion?? In the new interface we can export a maximum of only 500 results i.e. we are back to square 1 now. Although the work around was not an official one provided by Google it had its own positives and we hope that Google (or someone) comes up with a method  to export more than 500 results.


A workaround to the problem figured out. Read how to extract more than 500 results in the new Google Analytics interface.

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