Google Analytics Bug 3 '% Change Data is Non-Existent'!!!

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One of the things that make Google Analytics so popular is its simplicity in providing information – be it visits, bounce rate, goals completed or number of new visits.

It is especially helpful when one has to compare certain parameters over a date range. Just select the date range and ‘Presto’ you have your data along with a comparison of each metrics been done and the resultant ‘increment’ or ‘decrement’ shown along side.

This is very helpful when you need to quickly assess whether an internet marketing campaign – SEO, Pay Per Click or SMM is really helping your overall business.

In the older version of Google Analytics, one had to just select the date range and they would be able to see a comparison of various parameters as seen in the screenshot below –

Data Comparison - Older Version

Data Comparison - Older Version

This not only saves a lot of time but also reduces the headache of manually figuring out the percentage change for each of the parameters.

However, when the new version of Google Analytics was launched, many of the webmasters started testing this beta version and they subsequently reported bugs they discovered. Here is one more bug that will make all of our lives a little harder.

It appears that the new version fails to provide a ‘percentage change’ for any of the parameter as it can be seen in the screenshot below –

Comparing Metrics - New version

Comparing Metrics - New version

The data for various parameters is present separately, which means one has to manually calculate the percentage change.

Without percentage values, gauging relative importance of any change on the fly become more tedious.

Although there is no work around for this problem currently, we hope that Google introduces ‘percentage change’parameter in this beta version.

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