Why should you have a business profile page on Google +?

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A lot of people often ask why should I be on Google+ when I am doing much better on Facebook and Twitter? Isn’t it a just another social platform? I would have probably agreed with them had I not been a search engine optimizer.

On the looks of it Google + is a social network with fancy features like circles (I am sure you have many of those in your profile). But the fact that it is owned and operated by Google cannot be ignored. Almost 4 year old platform has more than 300 million active users. Isn’t it a reason enough for businesses to be on Google +? No?? I will give more reasons for businesses to be present on this Google property. (Do not forget that I am a search engine optimizer).

Enhanced Site Ranking: Like YouTube and Google Places, Google + profiles also get an advantage in getting ranked and indexed by Google. The probability of ranking the business page for highly competitive keywords improves if your business has a Google + business profile. Additionally the number of +1s a URL/Post gets can directly influence the search rankings. Hence it is important for the business to share content that the users would engage with and share.

Target Keywords: The About section of Google + profile provides an opportunity to write about your business. This section can be used to write what our business is about and kind of products and services we offer. The content in this section should be optimized as it will eventually be used by Google as the page’s meta description in the search results.

Improve Referral Traffic: Links can be added through the About Us section pointing to various products and sections of the website. Links can also be placed in the posts shared on Google +.

Social Platform or Blog?: Always wanted a business blog but do not have resources/ budgets? Google + is your go to place. It can be used as a mini blog as there is no cap on the length of the posts unlike Facebook and Twitter. Moreover you can edit your posts anytime giving you full control over the content.

Share Content: Every post that you create on Google + generates a unique URL. And with it being Google’s property the content gets indexed almost immediately improving the chances of the content ranking in search results where a website may not.

Reviews: Google shows a star rating based on the number of reviews you have received. Reviews are key business drivers that assist in establishing credibility of the business. Efforts should be taken to improve the number of reviews here. More reviews the Google + page gets, higher the business will rank in the search results.

Appear in Knowledge Graph: Submitting your content on Google + increases its probability of appearing in the Knowledge Graph. Your content appearing in Knowledge Graph means you get a prominent visibility and a backlink to your website. Another advantage of Knowledge Graph is that it pushes paid results out of the SERPs increasing the CTRs to your website.

Other Pros of Google +

  • Using keywords as hashtags will make your content more discoverable and will help you to create buzz around the topic.
  • Facebook does not allow you to upload GIFs. But Google + does. GIFs play an important role in keeping high engagement levels and makes your content look enticing.
  • Staying active and posting frequently will result in more engagement which finally results in more interaction with your content. This results in Google treating you well in the search results.

Apart from enabling your business to connect with its potential and existing customers, Google + provides you with an opportunity to write keyword rich content that can link back to the website. This is a strong reason to invest time and energies in the platform. To sum it up, having a presence on Google + will not only improve the overall web profile of a website but it will also help the business attract more website visits organically.

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