SEO for E-commerce

E-commerce or Online Commerce is an important facet of the internet in recent times. At the moment ecommerce amounts to 8% of the total retail sales in the USA and online sales are projected to reach $197 billion, an increase of over 12% over 2010. Are you ready to jump on this bandwagon? If yes, then we can help.


How SEO for E-commerce Site is different

One of the best ways to promote an e-commerce site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). E-commerce SEO is different than normal SEO. The processes involved in normal SEO are magnified 10 fold for an e-commerce site. The inherent structure of an online commerce site makes sure that you have tens of thousands of pages. Under normal circumstances, you would optimize each page on a site, for an ecommerce site this can be cumbersome due to the high volume of pages and there is a high chance of you missing a page.


With new products being added almost every other day and out of stock products being eliminated, you will face a challenge in optimizing the new product pages ASAP and redirecting out of stock product pages appropriately. You will face a challenge to write unique descriptions for products which are the same but differ only in size or color. It can be a tedious task to accommodate link title tags for all links and alt tags for all the images present on the site.


For a normal site you may update the sitemap once in 6-8 weeks but for an e-commerce site it has to be done once a new product or category is added or deleted. Manually editing the sitemap is not an option.


There is a good chance that you will have a Content Management System (CMS) at the back end to edit the content on the site. Customizing the CMS for your SEO needs is another challenge.


SEO for E-commerce at SMG Convonix

At SMG Convonix we have the answer to all the above questions and much more. It is very imperative that we know your business, products – those which are selling like hot cakes and those which are shelf stayers – and the revenue they generate. We will talk to you in detail about them and formulate a strategy which will make sure that the revenue goes up along with the rankings.


We will do a thorough keyword analysis for your website and identify a set of primary and secondary keywords. This is to make sure that we know our focus keywords amidst the long list of keywords which will result due to addition of products and categories


We are experts at formulating automated logics for the optimization elements as well as have a manual system to back it up. The automated logic will make sure that we have default optimization elements in place for every page. The internal linking structure linking various products and categories will also be automated.


We will work closely with your developers to make sure this logic is programmed into your system. In the event that you don't have a development team, then we will program it for you as well.


Automated logic can never replace manual optimization; we will make sure to have a provision to replace the automated logic with the manual version as and when required. We will go ahead and make provisions for automated sitemaps which will be updated instantly to reflect the change in the product portfolio.


In addition to this we offer consultation and programming services to help customize the Content Management Systems and the back end of your website to make it more SEO friendly. Our areas of expertise are platforms such Magento, WordPress and much more.


We help you track conversions, revenue and user behavior

With 8 years of Experience in Web Analytics and a dedicated team of analysts we can help you to track your conversions and revenue. It doesn't matter if your payment gateway is hosted on the same domain, sub domain or an entirely different domain; we know it all when it comes to online tracking of conversions and taking intelligent business decisions based on that data.


Tracking user behavior is of utmost importance on an online shopping website. With our dedicated usability team we will help you understand user behavior in various sections of your site which in turn should benefit your overall business.


To know how SEO can help your e-commerce business, please contact us today.

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Convonix has an excellent grasp on the complicated world of SEO. We have been very impressed by their knowledge and competency    – Bill Ross
Working with Convonix to optimize our site has given us one of the best returns on investment of any of our marketing tactics    – Marketing Director
They are experts in the way search engines work and because they are genuinely interested in our success, I find it easy to turn to them for advice on several tricky issues we have faced    – Hemang Desai, Co-founder
These rankings helped the leads generated off our website to rise more than 300%. Our web traffic went up by more than 200% and more importantly the sales have increased by more than 30%    - John Carini, Chief Software Architect


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