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With the dazzling rate at which the internet and the online marketing industry is growing, there is an intense competition in the internet domain as well. What makes Convonix zoom ahead of its competition is the knowledge that Convonites bring to the company through intense research.

Sajeet Nair, Project Manager (SEO) at Convonix is a regular at SEOMOZ, an authority on SEO. Sajeet has been able to draw massive attention to his ideas, observations and research in SEO, with Google Analytics being the focus of his featured work.

The most recent post by Sajeet on SEOMOZ caught the attention of Bill Slawski, founder and President of the popular website who dropped by with a detailed view on the topic. Here’s a one on one with Sajeet himself.

Can you tell us in brief about the issue that you address in the article?

The issue that i addressed was mainly pertaining to Doorway Pages. As per the new patent a small change like adding fresh content that belongs to a whole different category could lead to a website being considered as a doorway page. I just provided recommendations to avoid such a situation and how such mistakes can happen unknowingly, which should be avoided.

What was Bill’s point of view on your post?

The industry looks up to him. He mostly explained his way of analyzing patents and then gave an insight on the patent I was talking about with some feedback.

Read Sajeet’s entire post “Protect Your Website From Becoming a Doorway Page – Google Patent Style” on YouMoz here.

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