Convonix to offer insights to Social Media Marketers at Marcus Evans Event

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As one counts days down to the Marcus Evans conference on ‘Social Media Marketing: Taking a leap forward’, one can sense the excitement building up. The event – to be hosted at The Renaissance, Mumbai from 16th – 18th Nov, is expected to see participation from Marketing Heads from companies across industries. The fact that Social Media has become one of the top priority channels for companies’ marketing efforts, probably explains the seriousness with which Marketers are working round the clock to find the best social media strategy  for their brand – A strategy that will push their brand right to the top of their customers’ consideration set.

While Marketers pull their hair to find the answers, the event promises to add a new perspective to their approach and probably even make it look much simpler. And that is what the team from Convonix claims with confidence. A gold sponsor for the event, Convonix has been in the business of Social Media Marketing for three years now and works with some of the biggest brands in India. This company, in the eight years of its existence, has earned name and reputation as a premier Digital Marketing Solutions provider.

At the conference, Convonix will talk about the evolution of Social Media – its relevance for brands, maturing perspectives and generating & measuring RoIs. The talk will focus on sharing insights about online social behavior, modeling techniques and the various social levers at play. For those struggling to justify Social Media efforts, the team from Convonix might just have the answers for you. Mr. Vishal Sampat, founder & CEO of Convonix says, “Being marketers ourselves, we understand the opportunities and challenges that this new-age medium has to offer. But we’ve been in the business of Internet – Digital Marketing to be specific, for over 8 years now. We’ve built substantial knowledge capital and developed intelligence about online behavior. Our academic background has helped us marry this, with traditional Marketing concepts. And all of this put together places us in a unique vantage position, where we are able to find result-oriented solutions to the business problems regarding use of Social Media. And it goes much beyond Facebook Ads and Twitter posts. It’s about ‘Thinking Social’ as we put it.”
With just 2 weeks to go, there is a general buzz about the event and the Convonix team is excited to speak to Marketers and get their thoughts and plans for Social Media. With an annual spending of nearly Rs 800Cr and growing at 25%, Social Media Marketing is set to be the game changer for many brands over the next decade. Let’s see how Brands fare.

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