Facebook sets up India Client Council

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The World’s largest social networking site Facebook has setup the India Client Council. With this initiative, Facebook aims to serve its partners in a better way by offering a forum where Brands can come forward and share ideas about the future of marketing. The India Client Council is a platform where some of leading and most influential marketers in the country can come forth, listen, instigate and share ideas about the future of marketing.

The council consists of some of big brand names such as Flipkart, TATA Motors, ICICI Bank, SMG Convonix, Future Group, Micromax, Madison World and P&G.

Since India is the largest market for Facebook outside the US, this is another effort by Facebook to better serve its partners. Today, more than 100 million people in India are connected through Facebook. In India and the rest of the world, the number of users with access to digital services through hand held devices has improved drastically in the recent years. Individuals rely on their mobile phones for every bit of information which include banking, market prices, entertainment, employment and healthcare.

This speedy development of mobile phones presents businesses with unmatched opportunities to influence their customers, but also faces newer challenges. Facebook is dedicated to assist businesses navigate through this fluctuating landscape, and the India Client Council makes clients and partners a vital part of this journey.

Facebook aims to make the whole world connected, and helping businesses and people connect is a crucial component in accomplishing that mission.

The India Client Council

  • Delna Avari – Head of Marketing and Communication Services, Tata Motors
  • Sam Balsara – Chairman and Managing Director, Madison World
  • Sachin Bansal – CEO, Flipkart
  • Mohit Beotra – Head of Brand, Airtel
  • Sonali Dhawan – Director of Marketing, South Asia, Procter & Gamble India
  • Sujit Ganguli – Head of Corporate Brand and Communications Group, ICICI Bank
  • Ashish Kashyap – Founder and CEO, ibibo Group
  • Heavent Malhotra – Managing Director, Jabong
  • Daniel Meynen – Marketing Director, RB India
  • Ronita Mitra – Senior Vice President, Brand and Consumer Insights, Vodafone India
  • Vishal Sampat – CEO, SMG Convonix
  • Samir Singh – Executive Director, Hindustan Unilever
  • Jasmin Sohrabji – Managing Director, India and Southeast Asia, OMG
  • CVL Srinivas – CEO, GroupM
  • Vineet Taneja – CEO, Micromax
  • Sandip Tarkas – President of Customer Strategy, Future Group

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