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On May 31st, 2012, Google announced the arrival of Google g|days to India. Needless to say, we really wanted to attend this event. The journey started in Chennai moving along to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi before concluding in Mumbai. When we got our invites, the whole office heard us screaming in joy and excitement and hey we didn’t stop relishing the moment.

The eventful day of 11th September started with a heavy downpour throughout Mumbai city. Reaching the venue Bombay Exhibition Center in Goregaon looked like a big task in itself but we just got our gear on. After driving through heavy traffic, getting lost, going off-road and then driving on the wrong side of the road, we reached the venue and man we were excited. What got us pumped even more were the Google colored awesome Rickshaws – the USPs of g|India greeting us at the entrance!

Thank you Shweta for helping us in getting our invites!

We wasted no time and we started exploring the place. After a quick registration, we entered the premises where we enjoyed a quick cup of tea and coffee. A lot of engaging stalls were set up especially an interesting one regarding the Women Entrepreneurship and how Google will help you set up your business online, all with a simple registration. A series of interactive games were also present across the venue; all involved quick wit and smart thinking and all of us gave them a shot.

And did I mention the colorful jellybean seller?? Not the OS though.

We all then proceeded for introduction where we were greeted by a very cute and charming host! But Sunil Rao stole his thunder when he just walked on the stage supported by a huge round of applause! He took us through the journey of g|India and its various aspects. Next was the best part of the day; Neeraj Gupta showed us some really amazing videos highlighting the scope and power of Google and *drum roll* product demos by Jayanth Mysore! It was a delight when Jayanth showed us the true potential of Google Drive and Jelly Bean OS! And did I mention the lil’ jig that we all did

There were so many sessions to attend across the 4 Tracks; we started off with AdWords 101 with Vineet Deopujari. The session shared some great insights especially for new business owners. We came across some really cool studies that Google revealed in those sessions, like did you know that a lot of users change their decision to buy based on their research on the web? We also dived into the potential that Google display network holds for us.

Next, we headed for back to back AdWords workshop on campaign initialization and then on remarketing and landing page optimization by Anita Monge. Best practices were shared across the platform with a quick Q&A. Here, I was one of those lucky ones who won a Google mug for asking some really good questions. Yay! Guneet Singh took us through a session about SMBs in India in the next session. The insights that Google provide about the SMBs and their online presence was really an eye opener! The most awaited event for me was the YouTube session by Vijay Pratap Singh. While taking us through the vast powerful scale of YouTube, he explained us the persuasive and personal engagement power that YouTube holds. By the end of the session there was a buzz amongst everyone present there, ready to start their own YouTube channel.

It was not all work and no play. We had some amazing filler between sessions; one which everyone will distinctly remember was the alternate bilingual counting from 1 to 20. People who spoke Hindi, Marathi, Guajarati, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and Kannada came up on stage and participated with a lot of zest!

The day was incomplete without the Panel Discussion where a local business from Mumbai shared how they saw beautiful success via their AdWords campaign. Industry gurus shared their own perspective on the success and how essential it is to be online. The engagement with the Panel discussion can only be described with the queue of people which waited for their turn to quiz the Panel and get more learning from them!

Every new beginning must come to an end and this was the end of our amazing day-1 at g|India. But wait Google had more in store for us. Each attendee was given a g|India T-shirt to remember this amazing event! We all went with a lot of expectations and Google definitely didn’t disappoint us!

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