Vishal Sampat, CEO, Convonix Inc., shortlisted as one of the best young entrepreneurs in Asia by Business Week

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22 Aug 2006: We aren’t the only people who believe we are providing thought leadership in the Internet marketing space. BusinessWeek agreed with us and shorlisted Vishal Sampat, our CEO, as one of Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs.

A public poll was conducted by Business Week to select the Top 5 from among the shortlisted and Vishal was selected as the 4th best young entrepreneur in Asia.

Read on to find out more about what BusinessWeek had to say about Vishal and Convonix.

“Convinced by the potential of search engines, Vishal started Convonix, Incorporated in July 2001.

We went on to become the first company to start providing search engine marketing services in India. Like most other garage start-ups, Convonix began with one employee, working mostly nocturnally out of a bedroom. The rest, as they say, was history. With a great team, Convonix rapidly grew, from just one employee working from his bedroom, to 3 employees in May 2003, to over 35 employees in 2006.”

Visit the Business Week page for more information.

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