Vishal Sampat Featured as Entrepreneur of the Week

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Vishal Sampat was featured as the “Entrepreneur of the Week” on SME Lead, a leading electronic publication for Small Medium Enterprises.

Featured is an interview with Vishal, taken by SME Lead.

Excerpts from the interview:

What are the range of product and services which convonix offers?

Convonix is an internet marketing firm offering search engine marketing (search engine optimization and paid search marketing), web analytics and website usability consultancy.

What are your future plans?

Convonix is one of the very few internet marketing consultancy firms in the world. We cater to a slew of different businesses, ranging from mid-size companies to fortune 500 companies to the new age e-commerce firms. We have partnerships in the US and UK through whom we operate in those markets.

For Convonix, our future plans include adding more of high end value added services such as usability consultancy, custom web analytics and other intelligent platforms that will give an edge to our clients over their competitors.

We also plan to branch out into other domains online and be a facilitator of e-commerce businesses on the www.

According to you what makes a Successful Entrepreneur?

Belief in oneself, perseverance and a great team that can be banked upon in times of crisis.

Click Here to read the full interview.

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