Vishal Sampat invited by NEN

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The Entrepreneurship workshop conducted by NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) at Fr. Agnel, Bandra, had invited successful Entrepreneurs to talk to the students about their experiences while starting their own business. Vishal Sampat, CEO of Convonix was invited to share his experience as well.

Vishal spoke about how he started Convonix whist he was in college. He spoke about the risks he took, the challenges he faced and how he went about successfully establishing his own business.

Vishal told the students of his experience with his first venture, an online streaming radio,, in 1999, something which sprung up from his bedroom without any financial backing. He then spoke about the challenges that come with starting one’s own business and how some of them can be resolved. In his talk, Vishal told the students to believe in what you do and go ahead and do it!

Vishal added that Convonix, started by 3 friends, was the result of his earlier 2 ventures and his experience has made him and the company grow over the years. As a result, Convonix has established itself as a powerful Search Marketing player in the industry. The key take aways for the students were the live entrepreneurial example that Vishal set in front of them and learnings from his experience that he shared with them.

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