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What does IRISTRACK™ do for you?

The internet is a vast sea of conversations. People around the world knowingly or unknowingly talk about your brand. It is important for you as a business owner to know in what context is your brand is being talked about. IRISTRACK™, our proprietary brand monitoring tool helps us know When, Where and What is being talked about your brand online. It is the most effective tool in the process of online reputation management.


Do you know where you are being talked about?

IRISTRACK™ provides you with an easy visualization of the platforms where your brand has been mentioned. Our team segregates these mentions according to sentiment of the mention as well. The result, an easy yet powerful representation that shows you which platforms are friendly to your brand and which aren't. This proves to be a very potent tool for us to understand where we need to shift out focus in order to keep negativity in check and will indirectly help us to keep the Google SERP free of negative results.


We tell you how you fare against your competition…

We understand you need to know how you fare against your competition. IRISTRACK™ helps you keep track of your competition as well. We keep track of your share of mentions as compared to your competitors to ensure you have maximum visibility amongst the lot.


All mentions at one place

IRISTRACK™ is a one stop tool for you to see what has been mentioned about your brand online. No need to search Social Media or Google anymore, IRISTRACK™ will give you all mentions under one roof. Every single details of your mention, including even the exact text and a link to the actual page of the mention are presented to you in an organized and visually appealing fashion. Our experts also classify them according to sentiment to give you a comprehensive list of positive, negative and neutral mentions all at one place. Our brand monitoring process becomes all the more simple and there is hardly any platform left uncovered.


Take the leap…

Proper monitoring is perhaps the most important beginning to successful brand monitoring and online reputation management campaign. Monitor your brand with ease and know everything you need to know about your brand presence online.


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