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Having worked with clients across sectors, catering to diverse profiles of consumers we have gained expertise at managing various platforms and achieving desired goals of our social media marketing campaign. As highlighted in the process chart above, our channel selection works on the customer profile data provided by our clients. A few platforms that we are adept at:


Facebook : Facebook is one phenomenon that will define our times in history. Every 10th person in the World is on Facebook. We leverage Facebook for our brands and help them connect with their target audience. We've developed expertise in developing communities, developing specialized apps, running Ads, creating attractive landing pages and hence increasing engagement.


Twitter : Twitter has changed the way we subscribe to content/feeds. It is extremely powerful and has played a key role in many a revolution. Our approach towards Twitter is of expanding reach and impressions by connecting with relevant targets and engaging with them in meaningful conversations. We build relationships, don't merely broadcast.


LinkedIN : A professional network, this platform provides great opportunities for businesses that operate in B2B space, or are targeting professionals. Our approach on LinkedIN has been customer-centric and strictly non-intrusive. We believe in subtly influencing the target user by establishing expertise through participation in discussions, LinkedIN answers, getting product/service recommendations etc.


Blogs : Blogs have been around for over a decade now. Marketing using blogs is something that we have perfected over the years. We focus on getting the strategy right for blog content and then networking effectively to promote the blog. The results in blog marketing, more often than not, are long -term in nature.


YouTube : As several studies and our social media audit reports show, Video content has far more impact than any other form of content. Also, it is being consumed by users in higher and higher volumes each day. We advise clients on the themes that would work best for their business. Once they have those videos, we promote them extensively and add all catalysts for them to go viral.


Slideshare : Sharing Documents and Presentations is an effective way of showcasing your expertise, while also influencing the user. Our approach on Slideshare is to work your content around the target's needs and help them get what they want. They'll come back to you and become your loyal customers.


FourSquare : The leader in location based networks, Foursquare is fast becoming popular among the masses. For businesses that have physical presence, we urge them to get on this platform and see the benefits in real time. From running specials to retrieving visitor profile data, the potential of this channel for businesses is huge.


Others : Besides all the platforms above, we work on all other popular networks. Be it Reddit, Google Plus, Digg or any other network, our focus is to ensure highly rewarding campaigns for our clients.


Not every channel works for every business. Understand which channel works the best for your business and why. Get in touch with our experts today.

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