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What is Usability?

Usability is defined as the measure of interactive user experience associated with an interface. It refers to the method of improving the 'ease-of-use' of an interface for its intended audience to achieve their goals. Usability depend on a number of factors like how well your prospective users relate to your website, how easy to read and understand your content is and how simple is it for the user to achieve their goal.


Creating an impact on the user is the most important thing so our ideas revolve around generating a recall value for the users. This same principle can be applied over websites, landing pages and mobile application interfaces.


Why Usability?

Usability is important from the perpective of the user because this will determine if they complete their task at hand or not and also how the experience was. From the business owners point of view, having a usable website means happy clients who do not get frustrated during the process of completing a conversion.


In either case, having a more usable and intuitive website helps.


Our Process

At SMG Convonix, we have realized the need and potential of user friendly websites and optimized landing pages. Giving the users exactly what they are looking for in a direct and concise way helps the users relate to the site and interact in a way that leads to the common end goal of the business owners and the users.


We design stand-alone landing pages that are used for social media campaigns and paid search marketing. Stand-alone pages are not enough since majority of the traffic to most of the sites comes through organic listings. Making the complete website user centric from the 1st page users land on till the page where the goal is achieved is a different challenge on its own, which we love to take!


Analyzing and auditing your current website for elements that may be hampering your conversion rates and giving suggestions to improve this is another service we provide. While suggesting changes on your website we take into consideration the market you are dealing with, your target audience ad your competitors. This website usability analysis, thus, gives us a holistic view of where your website needs improvement.


If you have a page that you think is not working, and have an idea for another page that may work better, we help you test it! We strategize and run complete A/B or multivariate tests to determine what elements on a page would work better for you.


The key principle we follow while creating website designs that are usable is to employ iterative designs. There is no way for us to ensure what would wok best. So our process is continual and it helps refine our designs with the goal of improving your end conversion numbers.


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