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What is Site Search?
Site search in layman’s words is when you go to a ‘praise the lord’ website, type ‘god’ in a box that says “what are you looking for”, and voila! There it is. Short of answering the calling or a higher power we can pretty much find whatever the website has to offer within the website.

Why Site Search?
Site search in a website from the usability perspective could be the saving grace.
Users could easily type in what they desire to find in a particular website and find out if the website provides the services or the products.

From a SEO point of view, site search provides us the information on what the users are looking for.
For instance, a website that provides garden furniture has a lot of searches based on Rattan sun lounger sets. So, the lack of selection in that range could make them lose out on a huge chunk of business.

Oh, GA, won’t you play?
So let’s switch gears and move onto the cruise control-SEO-mode. When all is dark we always go to Google Analytics!

We need to understand how effective our site search is, and an interesting metric to gauge it is- Visits with Site Search and Visits without Site Search.
As the metric would suggest how useful, or otherwise, our users find our attempt at making their lives a bit easier. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished, unless you have data to back it up.

Where do we go now?
So this is where life is a bit fair, we find out the Search Terms used by our users on the website. Now, how does that help us?

Fix yourself a good ol’ custom report that provides you the ‘landing page’ of the user, and the search term used.

This helps us understand:

  1. How to improvise on our content on the landing page to include the search terms as well, so that the landing page in itself provides the user with the data, therefore eliminating the Site Search’s role in that context. Like the Free bird solo, it always helps when the transition is smooth.
  2. Search terms helps you understand what people are looking for! It helps you understand if there is a missing piece to the puzzle that is your business. IT helps you expand. It were like if Batman had a website and he realized the neighboring city to Gotham was in a dire need of vigilante, and people were looking all over his website for help outside of Gotham, it would be prudent on his part to look after that place, too. Maybe, put up a section that says, ‘Don’t you wish you had a vigilante of your own?’, and people from the neighboring city could check out those services.

Lot of people talking, few of them know…

We need to understand where the journey begins. ‘Site Search Start Pages’ report is the perfect place to start!
That helps you understand where all this confusion is erupting from!
Are the Site Search Start Pages more often than not the Landing Pages?

Well, that’s a big fat bummer! ‘Cause people are lost from the very minute they enter your website. This helps you understand how to improve the content on the website. Structure the content better, or create dedicated content for popular Site Search Terms.

How long does ‘there and back again’ take?

How long does it take for a person to find the appropriate page after he is done searching?
This helps you determine how effective your mapping is, and how effective your navigation techniques are.
Arcane content may really cost you a lot of time that could be well spent converting!

In conclusion, get your Site Search today, save a few lives or, on a less dramatic note, let them find you better! Site Search reports can work miracles for helping you understand what the users want without spooling their brains out!

What are you thinking…? Find answers with Site Search!

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