Online Brand Monitoring

Everything being said about you creates a perception of your brand in the mind of your audience. It is therefore necessary for brands to ensure that malicious remarks about your brand do not create a negative impression of your business online.


Track every mention of our brand online

To help a business manage its online reputation, the quintessential requirement is to monitor the web and track every single mention of your brand. This helps us identify platforms where your brand has been portrayed in bad light. With the help of our proprietary brand monitoring tool IRISTRACK™, we ensure that not a single mention of your brand is missed.


What platforms are we talking about?

The world wide web consists of hundreds of Blogs, Message boards, Forums, threads, Article Sites, Social Media sites, News sites and many more. We help you keep track of the world says about you. IRISTRACK™ help us crawl the entire web and capture all mentions of your brand. This way, we are completely aware of what people say about you.


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Online Reputation Management
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