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"How to increase the value of sales on my ecommerce platform?" This question has continued to give Ecommerce website owners sleepless nights. Ecommerce tracking is here to ease out their concerns. It is a challenge to track every sale on an online shopping portal. Our e-commerce websites tracking consultants not only track every sale on your website, but every click that happens there. We create goals in Google Analytics in terms of number of conversions, total revenue earned or even return-on-investment. We give you real time updates about the problem areas in your site, and how to provide users with a seamless flow through and a simple and safe checkout procedure. What’s more! We even track on-page analytics, which help you discern which element on your product listing pages works the best for you! With traffic numbers to e-commerce sites increasing from social media websites, we help you seamlessly integrate social media into your website traffic tracking efforts.


We have qualified Google Analytics Experts and are well placed to make full utilization of all the Ecommerce tracking features available in Google Analytics. They generate clear, self-explanatory reports which will give you a holistic view of the performance of your website in terms of the path that users used to buy a product, the areas where you need to improve for sales generation, and which websites are bringing in traffic. Specifically, we will give you tips on the locations of good landing pages, and creation of more trusted payment processes. Our Ecommerce Analytics offering forms an important part of the umbrella Web Analytics program as monitoring the flow of traffic on an e-commerce platform provides an all-inclusive insight into online user behavior.


We understand the fact that Ecommerce is a very competitive domain, and the creation of on-demand reports is vital to accommodate dynamic situations. Also, the fact that managing and influencing the traffic on an online shopping portal is no mean feat! Hence we bring to the table, easy-to-implement solutions, which are likely to have a positive impact on your sales.


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