Local Search Engine Optimization

Local listings, when teamed with proper optimization rank very high on search engines and provide high visibility for your business. Local results offered by search engines makes it easy for visitors to contact you directly. This means that you can capture the attention of your potential customers even before they visit your site. Local Search Optimization makes it possible for your business to rank high for location specific search queries and thus easily capture top rankings on major search engines.


How is local SEO different from normal SEO?



Local Search Engine Optimization allows us to run very focused campaigns for relevant geo specific keywords for your business. Now suppose your business caters to consumers living close to Florida. It is in your best interest to be visible in local results for all relevant searches containing ‘Florida’. Our experts give you exactly that. With a thorough research of your business, we come up with a large number of very relevant, geo specific keywords for your business and optimize your places listings to help you draw immense traffic from Local Listings alone. Ecommerce websites can benefit immensely through Local SEO which in coalescence with traditional SEO ensures your business is visible for key terms in key geo locations. A combined strategy of Local and Ecommerce SEO can work wonders for your business.


We create optimized listings for you.



While many businesses have local listings created on Google and other major search engines, only a handful actually make it to the first page of search for relevant keywords. We identify potential keyterms that will bring you quality traffic and then create the perfectly optimized listing for you thus exponentially improving your chances of being seen by your local consumers.


How is traffic from Local Searches better?



We are veterans of Search Engine Marketing and our experience tells us that visitors from local results convert more. Local SEO is always very focused. This ensures that the quality of traffic to your website. Visitors from local listings get exactly what they are looking for. Thus, they stay on your site longer and convert better.


Cater to your local traffic. Be found by local customers with the help of Local SEO. Contact us today to make it easy for your local consumer to find you on search.

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Convonix has an excellent grasp on the complicated world of SEO. We have been very impressed by their knowledge and competency    – Bill Ross
Working with Convonix to optimize our site has given us one of the best returns on investment of any of our marketing tactics    – Marketing Director
They are experts in the way search engines work and because they are genuinely interested in our success, I find it easy to turn to them for advice on several tricky issues we have faced    – Hemang Desai, Co-founder
These rankings helped the leads generated off our website to rise more than 300%. Our web traffic went up by more than 200% and more importantly the sales have increased by more than 30%    - John Carini, Chief Software Architect


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