Online Reputation Management


You are what you are perceived to be


How people perceive your brand defines your success. Whether you are a new business or an established firm, your online reputation will define your success. SMG Convonix has a dedicated team of reputation management experts who help your business to be perceived in the correct light.


People search for you. We ensure they like what they see…


Every single day, Google handles more than 200 million searches every day. People searching for you are your potential customers and what they see on these search engines defines your business for them. Online Reputation Management helps you show your best face on Google search and helps convert searchers into customers.


One Bad Review on Google goes a long way


Every business has its share of dissatisfied customers and internet is the easiest platform for your dissatisfied customers to complain about you. One bad review showing up high on Google can be a "make or break" for your business. At SMG Convonix, we understand that it is impossible for any business to have 100% satisfied customers and one bad review does not define a company.


We create relevant content for you using various platforms and through Search Engine optimization techniques, ensure that these results appear on the first page of search engines for search queries related to your brand.


We do not sacrifice on our ethics


SMG Convonix is not a firm that posts positive reviews for your business. SMG Convonix not only helps you understand what your online chatter is, but also help you solve these issues with your customers. Our integrated Reputation management and Social Media Marketing departments (Online Brand Management Service) help you not only to keep a healthy search results page, but also ensure a near 100% customer satisfaction for your business.


How do we know where people talk about your brand?


Our deep knowledge of the internet and SEO is backed by a strong technical support. Convonix has designed its very own Online Brand Monitoring Tool called IRISTRACK™ which we use to monitor your online chatter. IRISTRACK™ gives us real time updates for Twitter and near real time updates of your mentions throughout the internet. This tool allows us to monitor and respond to every mention about your business as it happens.


Get in touch with us to help your online brand image get a complete makeover and see sales improve beyond your own expectations.

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Convonix has an excellent grasp on the complicated world of SEO. We have been very impressed by their knowledge and competency    – Bill Ross
Convonix are always accommodating, understanding and willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Most importantly they get results. I recommend them highly    – Chris Ryan
Working with Convonix to optimize our site has given us one of the best returns on investment of any of our marketing tactics    – Marketing Director
They are experts in the way search engines work and because they are genuinely interested in our success, I find it easy to turn to them for advice on several tricky issues we have faced    – Hemang Desai, Co-founder


Online Reputation Management
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