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Millions of people everyday are using the internet to find products and services for their needs. More than 88% of the people limit their search to the first 5 listings in SERPs. Where do you rank online?


Use our SEO services to give yourself more visibility online. Our experts have a plethora of experience and research behind them along with hands on experience in improving rankings and increasing traffic.

Business Domain Analysis –

The key to a successful SEO campaign, is understanding the client's business domain and their audience. The team needs to be well versed with the technicalities and the jargon of the business while understanding the buying cycle that is involved and the potential client's psyche.


The SEO team at SMG Convonix spends considerable time with research to fully comprehend the nuances and be aware of your business domain, strengths and unique selling points to ensure that they tap into and convert the maximum of your potential customers.

Website Analysis –

For any website to do well, it needs to be ranking on the top. However, a website may contain a variety of aspects which may be detrimental to its search-engine spider friendliness, hence affecting its’ overall ranking in search engines, losing you considerable business.


At SMG Convonix, we do a thorough website analysis checking for these aspects to make sure that there are no spider stoppers and that your site is structured and designed in a manner that facilitates easy spiderablity.

Keyword Analysis –

Choosing the right keywords for your site is an extremely crucial step for the success of any campaign. Unless the right basket of keywords is shortlisted, the site will not show the desired results.


We at SMG Convonix select and shortlist keywords using a variety of tools such as Google Analytics, Google Insights, Google Trends etc. along with Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This comprehensive analysis allows us to select and shortlist keywords having the right search volumes and relevance, keeping in lieu the goals of your website allowing you to reach the right audience and receive high returns on investment.

When businesses are interested in catering to a local audience, our team pays extra attention to geo specific local keywords as well. We may also suggest such businesses to opt for Local SEO services as an add-on to regular SEO in order to get the best out of search. Similarly, for ecommerce websites, we go that extra mile to dig into the various products you might sell to understand, the most fruitful combination for you.


Competitor Analysis –

We understand that your business domain is extremely competitive and you have competitors who use similar keywords and extensive strategies to tap into your potential customers. A thorough analysis of your competitor’s sites allows us to understand their strengths and weakness which in turn will reveal more opportunities for your site. Our team will analyze your competitor’s websites to ensure that you are not missing out on anything and at the same time strategize to make sure you reach the top.

On Page Optimization –

A well optimized website will help you rank better on search engine result pages. Keyword density and proximity are two very important factors affecting keyword ranks. Also; for search engines, content is king and as a webmaster you need to have an in-depth and exhaustive content plan in place. Search engine spiders give a lot of value to new and unique content on your site. Not only does good quality and engaging content help you improve your rankings but also ensures a significant improvement in conversions.

The content you provide needs to be optimized well. We optimize all content on the website. We do Optimization for videos, text, pictures and also any other type of multimedia content that your website may have.


Different factors play different roles and are judged differently by search engines. While optimizing your website, our SEO team makes sure that the site is optimized keeping in mind all the factors while maintaining a distinct, lucid, crisp, and professional tone to make sure that you not only improve your keyword rankings but also your overall conversions.


Link Building –

Link building is an art and the link selection process is elaborate and complex. A good link profile built for your site will see your site rise quickly to the top. We utilize a diverse and assorted link portfolio to build good quality relevant links for your website, using a variety of links to ensure that you don’t miss out on linking opportunities.

Analysis –

The true success of any Search Engine Optimization campaign depends on analyzing them regularly. Minute details may be hindering the overall performance of your site, affecting your overall conversions.


Our analysis help us to not only determine what metrics are working perfectly but also identify where changes need to be made to ensure that the campaign performs better.

Reports –

We pride ourselves for being completely accountable to our clients. Our reports are detailed and highlight different KPIs such as traffic, rankings and conversions along with a detailed plan of action for the coming months. This allows you to easily gauge the performance of your website while making sure you are in the loop of all the work being done for your account.

Maintenance –

We believe that our client's should get the best and we believe in iterating this process based on our analysis and our performance as many times as needed.


The world is moving online, one step at a time. Contact us today to keep yourself two steps ahead!

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Convonix has an excellent grasp on the complicated world of SEO. We have been very impressed by their knowledge and competency    – Bill Ross
Working with Convonix to optimize our site has given us one of the best returns on investment of any of our marketing tactics    – Marketing Director
They are experts in the way search engines work and because they are genuinely interested in our success, I find it easy to turn to them for advice on several tricky issues we have faced    – Hemang Desai, Co-founder
These rankings helped the leads generated off our website to rise more than 300%. Our web traffic went up by more than 200% and more importantly the sales have increased by more than 30%    - John Carini, Chief Software Architect


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