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It is true that social media platforms are going to be the “online markets of the future.” & social media marketing will replace most traditional forms of marketing. You may have realized this long ago and maybe wondering which social media platform to target for your brand! Webmasters, worldwide, are discovering that the proportion of traffic coming from social media sites like Facebook & Twitter is increasing by the day. Even if you don’t have a social media campaign, you will have to take proactive steps to ensure that the traffic coming from social media results in conversions in a big way. For this, every brand will have to have a dedicated website tracking activity in place, with social media as the focus.


Google Analytics, the prime online website analytics traffic tool that we use, has introduced a feature which now provides for greater social media integration. All the conversations, and discussions about you, do not happen on your website. They take place on the various social media platforms, where your brand is talked about, opinions are created about it and will directly impact the incoming traffic on your website. Out social media analytics’ program will not only help you identify the best platforms for social media, but will assist you in assessing the trends on them. Linking together social media profiles, and tracking the inter-flow and outflow flow of users from them, will help you to aggressively promote the best performing profile. Users also tend to make more purchases on an e-commerce platform, if it is referred to them on a social media platform. We track conversions on ecommerce platforms too.


By studying analytics of user trends on social media, we also get a clear picture of how you should build links to your website from there. Remember, when your brand is being discussed, there is already a general awareness & interest about it. We intend to tap into this dormant demand, and bring in loads of relevant leads to your website, thereby increasing chances of them actually making a conversion.


Social media is a very effective medium to promote your business and probably increase your sales. To gain great insights into the latest trends on social media, and how you can use it to your advantage, Contact Us now.

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