Social Media Marketing (Campaign) Management

Social Media Management is the flagship offering of the Social Media practice at SMG Convonix. We have been managing complete Social Media presence for several Indian and International clients, across various industries. We focus on understanding our clients' business, their marketing strategy, and chart out a social media strategy, with defined goals and specific plans for each channel.



There are organizations that recognize the potential of Social Media Marketing but aren't sure how to get into this new mode of connecting with, and servicing customers. Businesses are investing in Social CRM systems, Social Media integration, hiring through Social Media, but are facing organizational challenges.


We help organizations in dealing with these situations and help them transform into an open organization, leveraging social media to take customer service to a new level. Our transformation framework:


  • Internal Study : We start with studying the organization – size, construct, offerings, marketing strategy, customer experience, CRM systems and processes
  • Industry Analysis: Next step is to carry out industry analysis, that includes analysis of competitors. Based on the first two steps, we identify gaps and set benchmarks.
  • Goal Setting: The third step is setting goals for the Social Media activity on various channels, with focus on enhancing end customer experience.
  • Planning and Process Design: This is probably the most important and effort intensive step. After setting goals, we chart out the plans to achieve goals. We design new processes for Social Media integration into the company's day-to-day operations.
  • Information Systems and Metrics: The last step in the whole process is setting up systems to provide information to management for close monitoring and measurement.


Social Media Readiness Training


No brand manager today denies the power of social media, though only a few companies are even exploring it thoroughly. One of the reasons a marketing manager is wary of committing to Social Media, is the lack of Social Media marketers on her/his team who can either take charge of this activity, or manage the agency to which this activity is outsourced. It is too much of a risk to venture into something as powerful as social media without complete understanding, and hiring an agency with not much understanding can cause problems. But there really isn't much choice. Developing expertise in the field of social media seems a pretty ambitious plan, and there are not many experienced professionals available for hiring. Also, without a proper social media audit, it is impossible to arrive on the most optimum campaign plan.


We offer our clients the option to develop the capability to handle social media campaigns, over a short span of time. We conduct sessions to train the marketing team on managing Social Media. Our training includes modules to educate marketers about social media strategy formulation, various platforms, pros and cons of each, analytics, reporting et al. The training modules include case studies and assignments that gives professionals a hands-on experience of planning campaigns, executing them.


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Convonix has an excellent grasp on the complicated world of SEO. We have been very impressed by their knowledge and competency    – Bill Ross
Working with Convonix to optimize our site has given us one of the best returns on investment of any of our marketing tactics    – Marketing Director
They are experts in the way search engines work and because they are genuinely interested in our success, I find it easy to turn to them for advice on several tricky issues we have faced    – Hemang Desai, Co-founder
These rankings helped the leads generated off our website to rise more than 300%. Our web traffic went up by more than 200% and more importantly the sales have increased by more than 30%    - John Carini, Chief Software Architect


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