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Why Social Media?


Four of the top ten most popular websites today are Social Media websites. Over 11% of the total time spent on the internet is spent on Social Networks. Do you still think your business can stay away from Social Media today?


But what really is Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is not just about running ads on Facebook and spamming using the company Twitter handle. To us, Social Media Marketing is the extension of the philosophy of being open and interacting with your existing and potential customers. This philosophy resonates in every aspect of the social media management process at SMG Convonix. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Blogs take your brand to your customer’s living room. And that too, with practically no costs involved. Imagine the possibilities!


It is this skill/art/strategy of connecting individually with your target audience, talking to them, and influencing them, that we call Social Media Marketing. Established Brands and small businesses, all feel the need to communicate with their customers. SMM proves to be an apt tool with a marketer to accomplish this.


Our Approach and Capability


We believe that all social media efforts should directly add value to our clients’ business offering. Social Media are among the most critical customer touch-points for most businesses. Social Media channels are becoming powerful platforms where most customers are getting influenced and with our expertise on various social channels, we ensure our clients put their best foot forward when they are there. But that is not it. We engage in every step of the customer acquisition process. We make them aware, we educate them about our product, we become more likeable and encourage them to try us out. And eventually, we convert them to loyal customers. Phew!


While other marketing initiatives culminate with a sale, Social Media gets even more relevant after we cross this point. Customers often like to talk about their experience and share it with everyone in their circle of influence. It is at this point that Social Media is a make-or-break for most companies.


With over 8 years of experience in marketing businesses online, we have developed as one of the few organizations that can envision an all-encompassing Social Media & Internet Marketing Strategy, and execute it with finesse. Our Social Media Practice is an important piece here, and though most marketers have just begun acknowledging the potential of Social Media, we believe we’ve gained expertise.


In our journey of Social Media, we have matured and evolved constantly. If SMM level were the scale and we were to measure our maturity at Social Media Marketing, we’d probably qualify as a level 3.5 organization.


Captivate your audience on social media. Interact with your consumers and boost your popularity. Mark your presence on Social Media with our help.

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